Teaching is among UNL's highest priorities. We prize excellent teaching because we know it contributes to student learning and success. Good teaching is not accidental. Good teaching is intentional. While many faculty are natural teachers, all faculty can become better teachers. Academic Affairs promotes excellent teaching by offering a variety of activities and programs through which faculty can acquire better teaching skills, share their best practices and celebrate the successes of others. This website conveys our comprehensive approach to teaching, demonstrating how teaching is integrated into everything we do at UNL. Many of the programs below are faculty-generated and faculty-driven, evidence of our commitment to teaching and learning.

Curriculum and Course Development

These sites are useful for those seeking information about Achievement-Centered Education, syllabi requirements, extended education, copyright and intellectual property and other issues relevant to curriculum.

Trina Creighton
Trina Creighton, Associate Professor of Broadcasting
  1. ACE (Achievement Centered Education)
    This new General Education Program is built on student learning outcomes that answer the fundamental question, "What should all undergraduate students — irrespective of their majors and career aspirations — know or be able to do upon graduation?"
    Contact: Nancy Mitchell at nmitchell1@unl.edu.
  2. E-Reserves at UNL Libraries
    Enable faculty to make course materials available online 24/7.
    Contact: Chanty Stovall at cstovall1@unl.edu.
  3. Extended Education and Outreach
    Assist faculty in planning, designing, and delivering distance courses.
    Contact: Marie Barber, mbarber2@unl.edu, and Karen Bell-Dancy, kbell-dancy2@unl.edu.
  4. Syllabus Policy
    1. ADA Language for Syllabi
      Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the instructor for a confidential discussion of their individual needs for academic accommodation. It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide flexible and individualized accommodation to students with documented disabilities that may affect their ability to fully participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. To receive accommodation services, students must be registered with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office, 132 Canfield Administration, 472-3787 voice or TTY.
    2. ACE and Course Syllabi
      Every course that has been ACE-certified must list the relevant ACE learning outcome on the syllabus each time it is offered. For assistance, visit ace.unl.edu.
  5. 15th Week (formerly Dead Week) Policy
    Final examinations for full semester classes are to be given ONLY at the regularly scheduled time as published in the official Schedule of Classes or at another time DURING FINALS WEEK mutually agreeable to all concerned. The only examinations that may be given during the last week (15th week) of classes are: laboratory practical examinations, make-up or repeat examinations, and self-paced examination.
  6. Curriculum Resources
    1. Copyright and plagiarism
      1. Intellectual property and copyright law for online instruction
      2. SafeAssign™ by Blackboard
      3. Digital Commons guidelines at UNL Libraries

Instructional Technology

For information about a variety of instructional technology concerns such as Blackboard, Digital Commons and other topics.

  1. Blackboard Users Listserv (e-mail listserv@unl.edu)
    E-mail support for those using Blackboard to enhance teaching and learning. Join the Blackboard users' email listserv by sending an email to listserv@unl.edu with the phrase "subscribe bb-user" in the body of the email.
    Contact: Paul Erickson
  2. Digital Library Resources for Teaching
    Assist instructors in using digital library resources effectively, particularly through Blackboard.
    Contact: Robert Bolin & Scott Childers
  3. Digital Learning Lab
    Assist faculty and students in creating, locating and using multimedia.
    Contact: Richie Graham & Scott Childers
  4. Distributed Environment for Active Learning Lab (DEAL)
    Partner with faculty and staff at UNL to develop new and exciting active learning environments.
    Contact: Robert Losee
  5. E-Reserves at UNL Libraries
    Enable faculty to make course materials available online 24/7.
    Contact: Chanty Stovall
  6. Instructional Technology Advisory Committee
    Study, advise, and promote issues related to teaching and learning and learning with technology.
    Contact: Pam Holley-Wilcox
  7. Instructional Technology Group
    Develop, promote and support the use of technology for teaching and learning.
    Contact: Bruce Sandhorst
    1. SWAP Meets (Sharing Wisdom And Power in Technology) - Join the ITG instructors on the last Wednesday of every month from noon to 1:30 p.m. for the SWAP Meets. This brown-bag event is at the Nebraska Union at 14th & R Streets.
  8. New Media Center
    Provide faculty and staff development and consultation regarding rich media and new technology integration into their course work.
    Contact: Todd Jensen
  9. Technology Skills Development & Resources
    Workshops, Tutorials, documentation, consulting, and help with instructional technology.
    Contact: Ranelle Maltas
David Rosenbaum
David Rosenbaum, Professor of Economics

Assessment Projects and Processes

Methods to assess course outcomes and educational attainment.

  1. EDU Assessment System
    Interactive, flexible, 24/7, web-based assessment via a system that delivers homework, quizzes, and tests online.
    Contact: EDUsupport2@unl.edu | A listserv is also available.
  2. PEARL
    PEARL is an online software program that provides structure, resources, and guidance to help programs collect, analyze, and use data on student learning outcomes. It is housed through the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
    Contact: Jessica Jonson

Improving Teaching through Peers and Community of Scholars

Faculty groups and activities designed to help improve teaching or inform the scholarship of teaching.

  1. Institute for International Teaching Assistants
    Prepare international graduate students to teach American undergraduates.
    Contact: Laurie Bellows
  2. Peer Review of Teaching Project
    Support faculty in the development of a community of scholars who write about the intellectual work involved in teaching.
    Contact: Paul Savory & Amy Goodburn
Radha Balasubramanian
Radha Balasubramanian, Associate Professor of Russian

Academic Student Support Services

Programs and services that will help faculty assist undergraduates and graduate students.

  1. Preparing Future Faculty Program
    Provide doctoral students with opportunities to observe and experience faculty responsibilities at a variety of academic institutions.
    Contact: Laurie Bellows, Helen Moore, & Amy Burnett
  2. Services for Students with Disabilities
    Serve as a resource for faculty and staff who work with students with disabilities.
    Contact: Veva Cheney
  3. Student Technology Training
    Free software training for students - office software, web design, graphics, statistics, My.UNL, and more.
    Contact: Andrew Frye
  4. Institute for International Teaching Assistants
    Prepare international graduate students to teach American undergraduates.
    Contact: Laurie Bellows
  5. Instructional Support Services for Graduate Teaching Assistants
    Help graduate teaching assistants develop as teachers and scholars.
    Contact: Laurie Bellows

Faculty Awards and Honors

Recognition and awards for outstanding teaching come from the NU system, from UNL, and from individual colleges. Information about awards, nomination processes and a gallery of past recipients can be found at: http://www.unl.edu/svcaa/honors/

Academic Affairs Calendar

To see workshops and events sponsored or promoted by the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, visit our SVCAA calendar page.

Don Lee
Donald Lee, Agronomy and Horticulture

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