Teaching Opportunities & Resources

The context for teaching and learning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is shaped by the philosophies and recommendations articulated in the following documents. These documents create a shared vision that guides initiatives and planning carried out by individual faculty, departments, colleges and academics administrators. The resources available on this page provide tools for contributing to this collective effort.

Curriculum Resources



Teaching Support Organizations at UNL

  • Teaching Council - The Council has responsibility for the encouragement and support of efforts to improve instruction and learning at all levels at UNL.
  • Peer Review of Teaching - The Peer Review of Teaching Project (PRTP) is a UNL campus program that supports teams of faculty in making visible the serious intellectual work of their teaching. Begun in 1994, the project uses the same process one would use to explore a research question by having faculty inquire, analyze, and document their teaching practices and the resulting student learning and then make these results accessible for use, review, and assessment by one's peers.  In 2005, the project was awarded a TIAA-CREF Theodore M. Hesburgh Award Certificate of Excellence in recognition of it being an exceptional faculty development program designed to enhance undergraduate student achievement.