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Interest and Outside Activity Reporting Form

The Board of Regents encourages faculty and staff to engage in professional activities outside the University as a means of contributing to the economic growth and development of the state as well as broadening their experience and keeping them abreast of the latest developments in their specialized fields; provided such activities do not interfere with their regular duties at the University, or represent a conflict of interest.

Beginning in July 2012, the reporting for outside activity and conflict of interest merged into a single reporting form through NUgrant. Please access NUgrant and the Interest and Outside Activity Reporting Form online at Use your My.UNL credentials to login.

For more information about the Board of Regents policy and frequently asked questions, please go to

Letter of Offer Templates (updated March 2013)

Offer letters define the terms and conditions of employment for individuals who are being invited to accept a new position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The templates are not intended to be form letters, but the language has the virtue of being vetted for compliance with relevant contractual and legal provisions. The templates are designed to include language that defines the terms of the contract per the Board of Regents Bylaws, sets the promotion and tenure dates (if applicable) or employment term, guides the candidate to the benefits offered by the university and affirms the need for an individual’s employment eligibility. These letters allow for personalization of individual employment conditions, such as startup funding, teaching schedules, and other situations. They also communicate the parameters for future changes to employment terms. The letters serve as a key information source to potential faculty members and represent a significant first step in the process of new employee orientation.

If you need to communicate something that is significantly different from what is included in the templates below, please contact the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affair’s Office. We appreciate the opportunity to consult with you, especially prior to receipt of the letter in our office (if applicable).

  • Tenure-track (specific term) Appointments
  • Tenured (continuous) Appointments
  • Lecturer Appointments
  • Lecturer/T Temporary Appointments
  • Professor of Practice
  • Research Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate Appointments
  • Academic Administrator Appointments
  • Visiting Faculty

Screening Procedures for hiring tenured and administrative positions

For more information about Promotion and Tenure, visit our Faculty Policies & Bylaws or our Promotion and Tenure page.

For additional faculty or administrative forms, visit our Administrative Resources Forms page.