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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has numerous academic centers that support faculty teaching and research efforts.

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Global Gateway Program creates more world-wide opportunities

newTo create more opportunities within the UNL curriculum for students to engage the world, the Chancellor is pleased to announce the UNL Global Gateway Program. Global Gateway is a new initiative, funded by the NU Foundation, designed to promote and enhance global competency among students and faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The attached Call for Applications explains this exciting new opportunity for UNL faculty and students.


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is committed to high quality teaching, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to the integration of teaching and research (A 2020 Vision, UNL, 2000). In support of our efforts at teaching well, the University offers a variety of resources, organizations, honors, awards, fellowships, and events.

For further information, see our Teaching@UNL web page, or contact Dave Wilson (472-3751).


Each year we organize a series of workshops which are planned with three goals in mind: first, to provide a chance for faculty to interact with their colleagues; second, to support faculty in developing the skills necessary to be successful as academic leaders; third, to provide faculty information about and to engage you in UNL's various priorities and initiatives.

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