PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

PEARL Deadlines & Instructions

Entering Peer Review feedback:

Go to

PEARL login


If you already have an account in PEARL, log in on the left side of the screen using your Blackboard username and password.


When you have logged in successfully you will see the opening "main" screen for PEARL.

(NOTE: If you do not have an account, contact your college's PEARL representative or a PEARL administrator with your program affiliation and the role you will have in PEARL (Program Leader, Peer Reviewer, etc.), and you will be added to the system.)



The resources section includes tools and links that will help you as you put your PEARL plan together. These include, "Best Practices University Wide," which identifies exemplars from other programs, "Research Instruments and Evaluation Forms," which lists rubrics, surveys, and other assessment instruments shared by other programs, and the PEARL Guidebook. The current Assessment Rubric for peer review and other resources can be found by clicking on "Additional Resources."


Scroll down below the resources section and find the name of the program and the appropriate year's timeline. The timeline below is an example from the 2009-2010 academic year with the second step or phase ("peer reviewers provide feedback on plan") highlighted.



Click on the highlighted box to open the "program plan page").




plan header


The yellow box (shown on the right) gives you some instructions on what should be done during this phase.
(NOTE: Do NOT click on "Finalize Changes and Lock this Step" until you are completely finished with this PEARL phase. If you do this by mistake, contact a member of the PEARL Steering Committee to return the plan to the peer review step.)








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A. Scroll down and read through the cover page ("General Plan Information" including mission statements and values) and the program?s assessment activities. You will be providing feedback on each of these areas.
(Note: The program leaders do not enter the university and college mission statements. These are entered automatically.)

comment box

B. There is an "Add Comment" button in each area of the plan. Click on the button to open a text box that looks like the image on the right.

C. Using the rubric to maintain consistency, begin drafting your team?s feedback. If you want to keep a copy of your feedback on your own computer, you can draft your comments in a separate document then copy and paste the text into this text box (or you can type directly into the box).

D. When you are satisfied with your feedback*, click on "Save Changes" (shown above, right) to upload the comment to PEARL (otherwise click "Cancel/Done").

Your comment will appear in orange as shown below, right:


*Note: At this point your feedback cannot be viewed by the program leader. You can continue to post drafts of feedback to the software (using the "edit" or "delete" buttons shown on the right), and only Peer Reviewers assigned to the program will be able to see the incomplete feedback. Some review teams have used this feature as a way to have online conversations about an assessment activity – each reviewer posts a draft of feedback, and then one of the reviewers summarizes the feedback across the team and provides a final written comment which is then shared with the program leader.


advance button








E. Once your team is ready to share its feedback, return to the top of the screen and click on "Finalize Changes and Lock this step."


F. You will receive a warning. Click "OK".


G. The plan will advance on the timeline to the next phase or step.



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