PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

PEARL Participants

PEARL participants are organized into 5 categories as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: PEARL Roles and Relationships



The figure was intentionally drawn horizontally instead of vertically to represent PEARL's 'grass-roots' approach instead of a 'top-down' approach.

The arrows at the top of the figure represent the relationship between each of the different roles. Moving from left to right on the diagram, the relationship requires communicating the vision for PEARL, coaching in the techniques of PEARL, leading the direction for PEARL, organizing meetings and events, and assisting in completing the work of PEARL.

Moving from right to left on the diagram the relationship requires communicating your work in PEARL, advising ways to improve PEARL, sharing your work in PEARL and assisting in completing the work of PEARL.

  • PEARL Steering Committee: Individuals from this group communicate with Program Leaders and Peer Reviewers and provide the overall vision and leadership for PEARL. Primarily use the system to track programs? progress through the assessment process.
  • Peer Reviewers: The Peer Reviewers work closely with both the PEARL Steering Committee and the PEARL Program Leaders. The Peer Reviewers provide feedback and coaching to the Program Leaders on their PEARL plans and also provide suggestions to the Steering Committee on ways to improve the PEARL process.
  • Program Leaders: Program Leaders provide the program-level leadership needed to ensure the forward progress of the PEARL process within their program.
  • Program faculty or staff: Program faculty and staff have little direct interaction with the PEARL software but are still active by supporting the Program Leaders in identifying student learning outcomes, selecting assessment measures, gathering assessment evidence, and making program improvements.
The list of persons at UNL who have participated in PEARL is shown below:

PEARL Steering Committee Members

Peer Reviewers

Charlyne Berens (CJMC, 2010-) Stan Brown (HLCFPA)
Kelly Dick (OUS, 2009-2010) Brent Cejda (CEHS)
Bob Fought (HLCFPA, 2006-2009) David Fowler (CEHS)
Susan Fritz (CASNR, 2004-2006) Shelley Fuller (HLCFPA)
Brooke Glenn (OUS, 2010-) Dann Husmann (CASNR)
Frauke Hachtmann (CJMC, 2008-2010) David Jackson (CASNR)
Laura Hardin (CASNR, 2006-2007) Michael James (CEHS)
Fayrene Hamouz (CEHS, 2004-2005) Steve Janssen (CJMC)
Jessica Jonson (OUS, 2004-) Julie Johnson (CEHS)
John Markwell (CASNR, 2007-) Steve Jones (CASNR)
Nancy Mitchell (CJMC, 2006-2008) Phyllis Larsen (CJMC)
Jeremy Penn (OUS, 2004-2009) Phyllis Larsen (CJMC)
Jim Walter (CEHS, 2004-) Luis Peon-Casanova (CJMC)
  Marilyn Scheffler (CEHS)
  Betty Walter-Shea (CASNR)
  Dan Walters (CASNR)
  Curt Weller (CASNR)
  Phil Willet (CJMC)
  Bob Woody (HLCFPA)
  Linda Young (CEHS)

Program Leaders

John Barbuto (CASNR) Frauke Hachtmann (CJMC)
Lloyd Bell (CASNR) Fayrene Hamouz (CEHS)
Charlyne Berens (CJMC) Tiffany Heng-Moss (CASNR)
Richard Bischoff (CEHS) David Jackson (CASNR)
Dennis Brink (CASNR) Julie Johnson (CEHS)
Ruth Brown (CJMC) John Lammel (CEHS)
Trudy Burge (CJMC) Bill Latta (CEHS)
Tim Carr (CEHS) Margaret Latta (CEHS)
Susan Churchill (CEHS) John Markwell (CASNR)
Pat Crews (CEHS) Dennis McCallister (CASNR)
Rochelle Dalla (CEHS) Rodney Moxley (CASNR)
Edward Daly (CEHS) James Partridge (CASNR)
Stephen Danielson (CASNR) Helen Raikes (CEHS)
Jason Ellis (CASNR) Terry Riordan (CASNR)
Rich Endacott (HLCFPA) Jeff Rudy (CEHS)
Ed Forde (HLCFPA) Walter Schacht (CASNR)
John Foster (CASNR) Marilyn Scheffler (CEHS)
Rhonda Fuelberth (HLCPA) Rosalee Swartz (CASNR)
David Gosselin (CASNR) Curtis Weller (CASNR)
  Linda Young (CEHS)


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