PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

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Current PEARL Participants

Where do I go to login to PEARL?

  • Registered PEARL users can click on and login using their blackboard username and password. If you are not registered with PEARL, please contact a PEARL steering committee member for more information.

Where can I find some assessment resources?

  • There are a number of assessment resources available from within the PEARL website: the ability to view assessment best practices and to download assessment instructions from other programs, and a link to Colorado State University's assessment plans and assessment instruments. The PEARL Resources section of this website includes a downloadable version of the PEARL guidebook, and the PEARL rubric, a document to assist with common troubleshooting issues, a blank PEARL template for printing, a set of instructional materials, and the PEARL Glossary.
  • You may also find resources on the University-wide Assessment website, or by contacting a steering committee member.

What should I be doing in PEARL right now?

  • Program Leaders
    • While the specific answer to this question will vary by program, here are some general guidelines.
      September: Summary of assessment evidence and use of assessment evidence from previous PEARL plan is due.
      October: PEARL plan for the upcoming year is due.
      During the academic year: Implement the PEARL plan. Remember, peer review is NOT an "approval" process; peer reviewers provide guidance, advice and coaching to help you improve your PEARL plans.
  • Program faculty
  • Peer Reviewers

I need help. How do I (see best practices / attach a supplemental / etc.) in PEARL?