PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

Student Learning

Level of Assessment

The relationship between assessment at the course, program, and institutional level is shown in Figure 1:

pearl image

Figure 1: Course vs. Program vs. Institutional Assessment.

  • Each row in Figure 1 represents a different level of assessment - assessment within an individual course, within a program, or within an institution. Each column asks an important assessment question - Who is assessing? What is assessed? For what purpose?
  • In course assessment, a single instructor examines a student's paper or product for the purposes of student grading and improving student learning.
  • In program or sequence assessment, a group of faculty members look across a program of study by collecting a sample of student products for the purpose of improving the program or sequence.
  • In institutional assessment, a group of faculty members and administrators examine summaries of program assessment and gather institutional-level data for the purposes of institutional improvement and accountability.

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