PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

PEARL Deadlines & Instructions

Advancing your PEARL plan:

Go to

PEARL login


If you already have an account in PEARL, log in on the left side of the screen using your Blackboard username and password.


When you have logged in successfully you will see the opening "main" screen for PEARL.

(NOTE: If you do not have an account, contact your college's PEARL representative or a PEARL administrator with your program affiliation and the role you will have in PEARL (Program Leader, Peer Reviewer, etc.), and you will be added to the system.)


Scroll down past the resources section and find the name of the program and appropriate timeline you want to advance.
The timeline below is an example from the 2009–2010 academic year with the fifth step ("Peer reviewers provide feedback on results") highlighted.




Click on the highlighted box to open the assessment plan.




arrowNear the top of the PEARL plan, there is a button that reads, "Finalize changes and lock this step."

Click on the button.

A warning box will appear. Click on "OK."
(NOTE: If you need to make a modification to the plan or comments after you have advanced it, contact a member of the PEARL Steering Committee to move your plan to an earlier step.)

If you receive an error such as, "Sorry! There must be at least one response to each comment the committee made," you must go back to the plan and address whatever the error asks. (For example, in the example above, the Program Leader needs to respond to each comment made by the Peer Reviewers before the plan can move to the next step - responses can be as simple as "Thank you.")