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PEARL Deadlines & Instructions

Adding results to last year's PEARL plan:

Go to

PEARL login

If you already have an account in PEARL, log in on the left side of the screen using your Blackboard username and password.

When you have logged in successfully you will see the opening "main" screen for PEARL.

(NOTE: If you do not have an account, contact your college's PEARL representative or a PEARL administrator with your program affiliation and the role you will have in PEARL (Program Leader, Peer Reviewer, etc.), and you will be added to the system.)

Scroll down below the resources section and find the name of your program and your plan's timeline(s). The timeline below is an example from the 2009-2010 academic year, and the correct step ("programs report results") is highlighted.
(NOTE: if step four is not highlighted, you need to advance your plan to that step before continuing. See "advancing your PEARL plan.")

PEARL timeline


Click on the highlighted box to open your assessment plan...




Scroll down to this section of your plan...


Summarize your assessment results by either typing in the boxes or copying and pasting from a text document.
(Note: PEARL will not accept pasting in of graphs, tables, or charts; however, these can be attached as supplemental files to your plan.)

...your question of interest. In what way do your assessment results address it?
...your assessment method. Did it result in sufficient evidence? Was the assessment process effective?
...who was involved in the process. Were relevant stakeholders engaged in discussions of the results, and did discussions result in recommendations?
...areas of improvement suggested by the evidence.

Identify how your program intends to use the results.

...what you have learned. How will you use this information (make program changes, assess learning further, adjust the assessment method)?
...your plans for improvement (in student learning and/or the assessment process). Why will improvements result from these plans?
...implementing the use of evidence. How will it be implemented? Who will do it and when? When will there be follow-up?
...future assessment cycles. Will you continue to focus on the same learning outcomes, but with changes applied to the process or program?

Click the "Save Changes" button. This will save your text to the database; however, you can always return and make modifications up until you finalize and advance your plan to the next step.


Attach supplemental files to your PEARL plan

  • If you have additional information to attach to your plan and/or results (such as graphs, charts, etc.), start by saving the graph, chart, table, etc. to a .pdf, .doc, or .xls file on your computer.
  • In PEARL, click on the "add supplemental" button at the bottom of the plan.
  • Select the instrument type from the drop down menu (e.g. learning rubric, alumni survey, data summary, etc.)
  • Name your file
  • Browse and locate the file on your computer
  • Click on "upload!"
    (Note: Do not include information in these attachments that will identify individual students.)

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