Student Learning

PEARL Activities and Accomplishments 2008

All colleges are now using PEARL for reporting their undergraduate assessment activities
As of November 7, ASC, ARCH, CBA and COET used PEARL to provide their 2006-07 & 2007-08 assessment reports to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. ASC’s assessment committee is also using the system to provide feedback to department’s about their assessment activities. An institutional summary of assessment work documented in PEARL will be available in late January or early February 2009.
Division of Student Affairs implements their first PEARL reporting cycle
Seven Division of Student Affairs units initiated a process for assessing student learning as a result of student affairs programs. These units are using an approach similar to CEHS, CASNR, HLCFPA & CoJMC where programs report their assessment activities then receive feedback on those activities from peer reviewers. In addition, this group is integrating Strategic Planning goals into the PEARL process.
Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) plans to use PEARL for reporting in 2008-09
Because assessment is an OUS Strategic Planning priority, programs in the Office of Undergraduate Studies will be using PEARL to document the assessment activities to assess the effectiveness of its programs. Each program is in the process of determining the outcomes to assess in 2008-09 and their methods for conducting that assessment.
Use and Impact of PEARL is growing
The number of faculty, administrators and staff using PEARL has more than doubled from 79 in 2007-08 to 188 in 2008-09. These numbers do not include faculty within departments who are engaged in discussing and using PEARL results. PEARL is now being used by all undergraduate programs and many graduate programs. Reports of PEARL’s positive impact includes shifting faculty/staff culture to greater awareness about the important role of student learning assessment in discussing program and curricular improvements and providing an effective structure for addressing national accreditation expectations.
Creighton University expresses interest in using PEARL
After attending an AAC&U presentation about PEARL in January 2008, Creighton’s University administrators responsible for assessment have initiated several discussions with us about PEARL. The most recent was a presentation to their University Assessment Committee which included 19 administrators and college representatives. Creighton is quite positive about the system and seriously considering its adoption.
UNMC requests a presentation of PEARL
Hugh Stoddard, Assistant Dean for Medical Education, contacted us about presenting PEARL to their assessment committee this December. UNMC was directed by NCA-HLC to improve and unify their campus-wide assessment. After reviewing some of PEARL online documents, their committee is interested in hearing more about what PEARL is and the logistics of using the system.
College use of PEARL for ACE assessment
In Early Spring 2009 Nancy Mitchell, Jessica Jonson and Jeremy Penn will meet with each college to discuss their plans for handling the ACE assessment process. The colleges will be asked to use PEARL for reporting their college-level ACE assessment activities and offered the use of PEARL for department-level reporting and possibly course-level reporting.