PEARL: Program Excellence through Assessment, Research and Learning

PEARL Deadlines & Instructions


These web pages provide reminders and instructions for some of the PEARL activities you should be engaged in.

First some important dates to keep in mind as you are planning and working with PEARL this semester:

Mid-September - By this date assessment evidence/results and the use of assessment evidence/results for the previous academic year are due in PEARL. Your plan should be advanced to the "Peer reviewers provide feedback on results" no later than the date provided to you by the PEARL Steering Committee.

Beginning of October - By this date your PEARL plan for the current academic year is due*. This means you will need to complete the following components for each of your existing or new assessment activities in PEARL before October: Outcome, Opportunities to Learn, Question of Interest, and Assessment Method.

*Note - your current year's PEARL plan will not be visible until you advance last year's plan to the "Peer reviewers provide feedback on results" step.