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Information Technology Review

In his 2007 State of the University Address, Chancellor Perlman announced his intention to seek independent, external analysis to examine how information technology is currently serving the UNL campus and its mission.

UNL has engaged The Advisory Board, a Washington, D.C.-based firm, to assist in this effort. The Advisory Board sought out the main issues facing comparable institutions and provided a series of broad strategies and best practices that our peers have found effective. These suggestions have been reviewed by Information Services directors, the UNL senior administrative team, UNL deans, and the Faculty Computing and Facilities Committee (FCFC). During the 2007-2008 Academic Year, the FCFC has also produced a report expressing faculty concerns about academic computing, which has been shared with academic units on campus.

With campus input, UNL will develop a long-range vision for how information services should be delivered to best meet academic priorities. The Office of Academic Affairs is working in concert with Business and Finance and IANR to develop a process for responding to the reports of the Advisory Board and the Faculty Computing and Facilities Committee as they will contribute to this vision.

The process should be finalized by the beginning of fall semester 2008 and more news about these activities will be shared with the campus as the process unfolds.