Promoting Academic Excellence at UNL

Initiative for Teaching and Learning Excellence ITLE Year 3

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln announces Year 3 of the Initiative for Teaching and Learning Excellence. This Initiative continues the deep commitment of the University to teaching excellence and student learning by making significant investments in undergraduate education. This academic year, the Initiative for Teaching and Learning Excellence will distribute $100,000 for outcomes-based undergraduate program assessment projects that use direct measures of student learning to guide decisions about improving curriculum and pedagogy. All funds awarded must be expended by May 2008.

The goal of the Initiative this year is to enable undergraduate programs to develop and implement a complete and continuous cycle of improvement that:

  • Identifies what each program expects students to learn (outcomes);
  • Develops appropriate assessment measures for determining whether students are or are not achieving the outcomes;
  • Conducts those assessments;
  • Uses the evidence gathered to improve instruction or curriculum;
  • Confirms the effectiveness of the implemented program improvements.

Proposals that also accomplish any of the following are especially welcome:

  • Foster new collaborations between faculty and enable them to share ideas and materials so that projects build on, connect to, and enhance the work of others;
  • Align department/program learning outcomes with UNL's Core Values;
  • Draw on embedded or existing measures of learning to assess a program's success in helping students achieve outcomes;
  • Make assessment of student learning a regular part of the program's administrative rhythms and faculty discussions;
  • Incorporate assessment evidence and analysis into broader planning and review processes (e.g. curricular decisions, strategic planning, accreditation and academic program reviews).

Recipients will be expected to share their work in a campus presentation/demonstration by December 2008.

ITLE Sections

  • Two proposals win funding - see our March newsletter.
  • Call for Proposals - due to deans Oct. 17, 2008.
  • Deadline for Deans to submit Year 5 ITLE proposals from their colleges was Oct. 28, 2008.