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ITLE Year 2 Program Innovation Grants

Math in the City ($10,895)

Petronela Radu, Mathematics

Math in the City will design a course-based interdisciplinary internship program to show students why math is important and how it is used outside academia. Students will sign up for projects with a business/company in Lincoln and develop a mathematical model based on the company's work. The modeling and the mathematical investigation will be done in groups of 3-5 people under the supervision of the course instructor.

In class, students will learn about the mathematics involved in their models. Upon completion of the course, the entire class will participate in a mini poster session allowing each group to present results. The successful students will serve as mentors for students in the following year and help with the development of the course.

Local businesses and research centers across Nebraska will be partners in this effort. This will increase students' appreciation of the career relevance of mathematics as well as help from off-campus contacts.

The Math in the City program will create strong connections between academia and industry in Nebraska, while engaging students in a learning and discovery process. Contacts with local employers may also encourage students to remain in Nebraska after graduation.

Petronela Radu

Professional Advisory Council: A Plan for Enhancement and Assessment ($19,050)

Barbara Trout, Textiles, Clothing and Design
Michael James, Textiles, Clothing and Design

Through contacts forged with industry professionals, this initiative aims to position Textiles, Clothing and Design on top of trends while expanding opportunities for students.

Trout and James will create a professional advisory council composed of private sector interests. The council is expected to increase student retention, for example, by providing students with regular contact with working professionals.

A second track will organize external portfolio reviews of student work and create a consequent reevaluation of the department's curriculum.

Feedback gathered will help keep department programs current. And connections to industry will enhance student opportunities with the possibility of underwriting and support of university programs.

Barbara Trout and Michael James

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  • Two proposals win funding - see our March newsletter.
  • Call for Proposals - due to deans Oct. 17, 2008.
  • Deadline for Deans to submit Year 5 ITLE proposals from their colleges was Oct. 28, 2008.