Promoting Academic Excellence at UNL

ITLE Year 2 Year 2 Grants

ITLE grants for 2005-2006 are of the following four types:

Advising for Success

Support an examination of student advising and support services in ways that encourage student retention and degree completion. Successful transition to the university for students will be improved. More frequent contact between adviser and student will be supported. The student and the student learning experience will be approached more holistically. Student identification and engagement with a degree program will be promoted. Program requirements will be clarified. An emphasis has been placed on proposals that address the retention of students who have not yet declared a major.

Program Innovation

Encourage curricular change that focuses on student retention and success through, for example, creation or refinement of first-year transition courses that provide rich initial academic experiences, redesign of programs and courses to strengthen connections between courses, development of programs that focus on engaged learning, or assessment of student learning.

One Campus, Many Views

For the development of curricular and co-curricular programs that engage faculty, staff and students in learning and talking together about issues that affect the welfare of campus, local, national, and global communities. They will also help students make connections between themselves, coursework, and broad, contemporary issues.

Teaching Fellows

Recognize faculty who are pursuing substantive projects involving original scholarly or creative effort aimed at the improvement of teaching, learning, and student success and to engage faculty in public discussion of such work.

ITLE Sections

  • Two proposals win funding - see our March newsletter.
  • Call for Proposals - due to deans Oct. 17, 2008.
  • Deadline for Deans to submit Year 5 ITLE proposals from their colleges was Oct. 28, 2008.