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Ellen Weissinger

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs | Contact Ellen

Ellen Weissinger is Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where she previously served as the Dean of Graduate Studies. She is a tenured full professor of educational administration with expertise in quantitative research methodology. A Nebraska native, Dr. Weissinger earned her undergraduate degree from UNL in 1980, a MA from the University of Iowa in 1982, and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1985. She taught at the University of Iowa for one year before joining the UNL faculty in 1986. She also served as associate dean of Teachers College and associate director of the Buros Institute for Mental Measurement.

Dr. Weissinger's academic interest is the antecedents and consequences of human behavior during free time. She published over 40 research articles with a special focus on intrinsic motivation and boredom. She also specialized in psychometric research and has published three measurement instruments. From 1996-2001 she served as editor of the Journal of Leisure Research. A recipient of UNL's Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Weissinger teaches doctoral level research methodology courses, including experimental and quasi-experimental methods, survey research and evaluation theory.

She has been the principle investigator or co-principle investigator for U.S. Department of Education and National Science Foundation grants totaling $1,000,000. She is the Director of the Great Plains National Security Education Consortium, a five-year, $3,000,000 project funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency. She served on the national advisory board of the National Graduate and Professional Student Association and on the Council of Graduate Schools Research Task Force.

Amy Goodburn
Amy Goodburn

Associate Vice Chancellor and Professor of English | Contact Amy

Amy is responsible for the coordination of undergraduate and student success programs, retention initiatives, UCARE, Course and Laboratory Fees, Teaching Council, and faculty instructional development. Amy oversees the Directors of Undergraduate Education Programs, University Honors Program, and Campus Advising Services, and the faculty and program coordinators for the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community.

Lance C Perez
Lance C. Pérez

Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Professor of Electrical Engineering | Contact Lance

Lance leads the academic knowledge management initiative (AKMI), academic program reviews and initiatives for faculty career development, excellence in STEM education, instructional technology, and classroom facilities improvements. Lance also serves as Dean of Graduate Studies. 

Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson

Associate Vice Chancellor and Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education | Contact Dave

Dave serves as the campus Senior International Officer and is responsible for the coordination of international agreements, partnership degree programs, international student exchanges and degree-completion programs. Dave also oversees Education Abroad (formerly Study Abroad), International Engagement, Programs in English as a Second Language, and the American Exchange Center.

Brad Sheriff

Brad Sheriff

Assistant Vice Chancellor | Contact Brad

Brad is responsible for the budget and fiscal affairs of the Office of Academic Affairs, including contracts and academic reporting. Brad leads the College Academic Business Officers (CABO) group.

Renee Rodriguez Batman
Renee Batman

Assistant Vice Chancellor | Contact Renee

Renee is responsible for the strategic development of processes, systems, and communication. She serves as the Senior Vice Chancellor's chief of staff.

Annette Granillo

Academic Communication Specialist | Contact Annette

Jelena Gude

Faculty Human Resources Specialist | Contact Jelena

Juanita Jackson-Stoner

Executive Assistant | Contact Juanita

Nancy Petitto

Project Specialist | Contact Nancy

Ann Reese

Administrative Associate | Contact Ann

Amy Sehi

Accountant | Contact Amy

Keith Shelley

Web Designer | Contact Keith

Derek Simonsen

Senior Financial Analyst | Contact Derek

Suzi Tamerius

Project Specialist | Contact Suzi

Orsolya Toth

Accountant | Contact Orsolya