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General Education Reform Proposal 2: Structural Criteria

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Graduates of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln will satisfy the requirements of their majors, their colleges, and the ACE Program.

  1. ACE courses are credit-bearing curricular offerings or equivalent documented cocurricular experiences.
  2. The ACE program will consist of the equivalent of three credit hours for each of the ten ACE Student Learning Outcomes.
  3. Any ACE course approved to satisfy an ACE Student Learning Outcome satisfies that Student Learning Outcome in all undergraduate colleges.
  4. Up to three ACE Student Learning Outcomes 4-10 may be satisfied by work in one subject area.
  5. ACE Student Learning Outcomes must be satisfied by work in at least three subject areas.
  6. Any ACE course may be approved to address a maximum of two ACE Student Learning Outcomes.
  7. No ACE course may satisfy more than one ACE Student Learning Outcome in a student's program.
  8. If an ACE course addresses two ACE Student Learning Outcomes, the student decides which one of the two Outcomes the course will satisfy in that student's program.
  9. Every ACE course will reinforce at least one of the following as appropriate for the discipline and as identified by the department offering the course: Writing, Communication, Historical Perspectives, Math and Statistics, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Ethics, Civics, Social Responsibility, Global Awareness, and Human Diversity.

This version of Proposal 2 was approved by GEAC on November 17, 2006.