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General Education Reform College Consideration
of ACE Proposals 1 and 2

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

On January 26 the CASNR Curriculum Committee voted to recommend the proposals to the CASNR faculty and to approve ballot language. In mail balloting, CASNR faculty approved both proposals.


On January 4 at an all-college meeting, faculty voted to approve Proposal 1 and deny Proposal 2. At a subsequent meeting in February faculty voted to approve Proposal 2 (with stipulations).

Arts and Sciences

On Nov. 28 the A&S Curriculum Committee voted to recommend approval. On December 7, A&S faculty approved Proposals 1 & 2 at a college meeting. On January 24, the faculty approved a memo to GEAC offering advice on ACE directions.

Business Administration

On January 24 the Curriculum Committee voted unanimously to endorse the proposals and make a recommendation to the faculty to approve them. On February 5 the faculty convened and approved Proposals 1 & 2.

Education and Human Sciences

In mail balloting that ended on February 12, CEHS faculty approved both proposals.


The CoE Curriculum Committee met on February 2 and approved the proposals. CoE faculty then voted electronically and approved both proposals.

Hixson-Lied Fine and Performing Arts

In online balloting that ended on December 15, faculty voted to approve Proposals 1 and 2.

Journalism and Mass Communication

On December 11 J&MC faculty voted to approve Proposals 1 and 2.