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General Education Reform A Brief & Recent History of UNL General Education Reform Efforts

Spring/Summer '03

  • Senate Executive Committee met with faculty, students & administrators to learn about problems with the CEP and decided to establish an ad hoc task force to develop proposals for modifications to the CEP.

Fall '03

  • Academic Senate task force on the CEP appointed; meetings held fortnightly; proposed modifications released in December.
  • Transition to University Task Force Report (Everyone a Learner, Everyone a Teacher) calls for a review of CEP.

Spring '04

  • Task force proposal finalized; presented to Senate as a motion and debated. After making some amendments, the Senate decides to table the motion, asking the Senate leadership to hold further discussions with the colleges.
  • SVCAA Brinkerhoff appoints Dean Rita Kean to work with Wes Peterson (then Senate president-elect and task force chair) and members of the Senate task force to conduct the meetings with colleges.

Fall '04

  • Rita Kean and Wes Peterson met with SVCAA Couture to update her on what had been done on General Education reform and to enlist her assistance in moving the process forward.
  • Arts & Sciences submits a counter-proposal.
  • SVCAA Couture appoints an ad hoc committee to reconcile the two proposals.

Spring '05

  • Deans approve some quick fixes based on the two proposals.
  • SVCAA Couture appoints a committee to attend an AAC&U Institute on General Education with a charge to:
    • learn about contemporary thinking on General Education
    • learn what universities similar to UNL are doing
    • develop a plan for reviewing & reforming General Education @ UNL

Summer '05

  • Ad hoc committee of 5 attends Institute & develops a plan for reviewing & reforming General Education @ UNL.
  • Chancellor and SVCAA approve plan.
  • Carol Geary Schneider invited to campus.

Fall '05

  • Plan discussed with deans, Academic Senate, and APC.
  • GEAC appointed; Janovy named chair.
  • GEPT appointed; Janovy named chair.
  • Chancellor announces plan in State of University Address.
  • Campus-wide discussion board initiated
  • Carol Geary Schneider presents to the campus
  • John Janovy meets with various constituent groups
  • An open forum is held
  • GEPT and GEAC approve a set of Institutional Objectives

Spring '06

  • Focus groups on general education held with students
  • Students asked to respond to Institutional Objectives via online discussion board
  • Gen Ed Planning Team and Advisory Committee ask the faculty for suggestions on outcomes and assessment measures
  • Peggy Maki presents to the campus

Summer '06

  • Six GEAC members attend institute to begin developing an assessment plan

Fall '06

  • GEAC posts a more complete draft of student learning outcomes
  • GEAC mails institutional objectives to all faculty
  • Academic Senate surveys faculty on the proposed institutional objectives
  • Virginia S. Lee presents to the campus (September 29)