Outcomes Assessment

NCA Statements Handbook of Accreditation, NCA-CIHE, 1997

  • "...the Commission reaffirmed its expectation that all affiliated institutions have ongoing programs for assessing academic achievement both to assure that students are learning what faculty intend to teach and to identify ways to improve the instruction."
  • "...the Commission is committed to the tenet that assessment of student academic achievement is the key to improving student learning ... (it) is critical to the future health of its institutions, to the educational accomplishments of students now and in the future, and to the enhanced perception of the public of the value of higher education."
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The above quotes from the North Central Association's Handbook of Accreditation (NCA-CIHE, 1997) suggest what the NCA expects from its member institutions and why this expectation exists.

Note the three words highlighted in the first quote. The NCA expects our assessment processes to be conducted year in and year out (on-going) to determine for ourselves that students are learning what we intend them to learn (assure) and that we use that information to enhance our educational programs (improve).

The second quote addresses why the NCA has this expectation.